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For the past two weeks my team and I had a goal to come up with the idea for a Chinese language teaching app.

So, we start at the first stage of the Design Thinking process; to gain an empathic understanding of the problem we were trying to solve.

In just a few hours of research I have discovered how fascinating this language is that I knew practically nothing about, and now I have only seen the tip of the iceberg of a culture so different from my own.

With this information we create our affinity map. …

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This is my third week as an Ironhacker, the task of the week was to add a feature to an existing product.

Each of us, my classmates and myself, had to think of three features that can improve a product. My assigned app was Instagram, I thought about the features during the weekend. On Monday we were randomly assigned to an app and its new features that another of our colleagues had chosen.

I was scared to work with Bumble because I have never used a dating app. Not because I’m judicious, I’ve just been out of the dating world…

For my third IronHack prework challenge, I will develop a study case for the Despegar app, if you are not from Latin America, this is very similar to Hopper or Kayak.


For this challenge, I am going to pick one of the new seven wonders of the word. …

Everything that surrounds us has to do with design. Sometimes we have everyday situations that make us feel like we’ve made a mistake, although it may actually be a design problem.

Don Norman’s example of the Norman Door helps us understand this.

Through the years, designers have been influenced by the design principles of Dieter Rams, recognized for his work as a Braun designer.

Technology and time have changed our way of seeing life and with it design, although I share the original design principles I have allowed myself to make my own interpretation of these:

For my second IronHack challenge, I will show you the wireframe of an app that I use frequently. I chose the Petwant app, which connects to my furry friends’ automatic feeder. With it, I can feed my kittens remotely, watch them through a camera, record messages for them and keep better control of the portions they consume.

Have created a user flow of 5 screens in which we will see how to program the feeder for a regular meal for Merni (the name I give my two cats together Merme and Beni), setting time, portion size and leaving a voice…

I am very excited to start my bootcamp at Iron Hack, as part of the prework I have to address a UX challenge through Design Thinking methodology.

My client is Citymapper, an urban mobility app in which users enter their destination and their starting point and obtain different multimodal routes with an estimated time and price.

I see the main problem is the different types of tickets or cards and forms of payment such as exact change, queues and system problems such as closed ticket offices (since the beginning of Covid pandemic) and lack of printed instructions or in different…

ana solari

UX UI and professional over-thinker

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