Exercise 3: Design in Daily Life

  1. Cancel a Creative Cloud account — don’t get me wrong, there is no reason to cancel Adobe Creative Cloud, they have wonderful products, this was a business transaction. Despite being a great product, its platform for managing licenses is a dead end and a loop that does not allow you to leave the service. Do some research and this is known as dark patterns, which are tricks that tricks or apps use to make you do or not do things that are not your intention. (I leave a video about it)
  2. Puebla’s bike path — this can be a bit controversial, many of us saw the video that went viral a few weeks ago of the new bike path in Puebla and how many people fell when crossing the street as there was a new urban element that was not previously there, but observing the CDMX bike path and repeatedly seeing the video of Puebla’s bike path, I could see that some aspects were not taken into account. For example, before the zebra there must be a space for cyclists, which does not exist in Puebla. Another point that I could observe is that in some before the last separator (sorry, I do not know the name of the objetos that separate the bike lanes from the car lanes) there is a small post or planter that warns of the next crossing. I leave you a video of what happened in Puebla in case you haven’t seen it.
  3. Apple Magic Mouse — I cannot deny that it is aesthetic, it pleases my eyes that is true but it has some flaws for those who use it. If you are a long-time Apple user you will be used to the lack of buttons but for someone without previous experience the gestures that this implies may have a learning curve, I can accept to debate this point, but the following point is a clear example of design centered in design, not in humans. Apple’s Magic Mouse is loaded at the bottom, which makes it impossible to charge and work with it, unlike Magic Keyboard that you can charge while you work.




UX UI and professional over-thinker

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ana solari

ana solari

UX UI and professional over-thinker

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