Iron Hack Prework: Citymapper Challenge 1

I am very excited to start my bootcamp at Iron Hack, as part of the prework I have to address a UX challenge through Design Thinking methodology.

My client is Citymapper, an urban mobility app in which users enter their destination and their starting point and obtain different multimodal routes with an estimated time and price.

I see the main problem is the different types of tickets or cards and forms of payment such as exact change, queues and system problems such as closed ticket offices (since the beginning of Covid pandemic) and lack of printed instructions or in different languages.


Interviewed 5 people between 41 and 29 years old, who use public transport and apps such as Google Maps, and live in different cities (CDMX, Santiago de Chile and New York City)


empathy map

Despite having several pain points, I will focus on buying a single ticket for a multimodal trip, since with the interviews I realized that users usually plan the trip and consult similar apps, to avoid problems as far as possible.


I used a mind map, looking for possible solutions.

mind map

By agreement with the different means of transport in the city we can buy multimodal tickets and day passes within the app, users can save time, avoid lines and have more than one card in their wallet. You will get a QR ticket and you will be able to see the map to reach your next means of transport as it currently happens in the app.


Pick a Place
Choose between a “Day Pass” or “Route”
Buy Route
Choose a payment method
get a QR ticket

Key things that I learned

I have learned several things during this process, it is difficult to start alone, but there is a lot of information on the internet with which it becomes easier to know how to apply theoretical concepts, you can quickly observe failures in my project and go back to the beginning and try again. I feel happy with the result.




UX UI and professional over-thinker

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ana solari

ana solari

UX UI and professional over-thinker

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